Outdoor games allow kids to use all their senses as well as bringing a feeling of inspiration and creativity for their lives.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

Fun outdoor games for kids including ball games, tag, fun with friends and much more fun outdoor games for children to play. How to play fun ball games, different versions of tag and fun games with friends outdoors. Get outdoors and also have a great time. Have fun and be active using the best games and activities for kids to experience outdoors. These pages will provide you with the guidelines of a lot of games to be played in small , bigger groups.

Remember that when choosing games for children, you will find the option of finding a game that is fun, full of learning about nature, or both! Outdoor games allow kids to use all their senses as well as bringing a feeling of inspiration and creativity for their lives.

Make a splash

Challenge him to some water fight. Use the old standards, like water balloons and squirt guns, or think outside the box with thick sponges, plastic cups, and squirt bottles.

Batty Bowling

Look for a number of silly or odd items which can be knocked over by a ball, like a plastic milk carton, a candlestick, a stand-up doll, a plastic vase of flowers, a pizza box, a tower of empty cans, an umbrella stand, a clear oatmeal container, and a book. Line them up like bowling pins and allow the bowlers try to knock them over with volleyballs, balls, or golf balls.

TapIinto His Techie Side

Send your budding director outdoors having a digital video camera to film a movie with his friends. Or if you are feeling Spielberg-esque yourself, make up a video scavenger hunt: Give your kid a summary of silly things to hunt down, and movie as he finds them. He is able to upload the footage and relive the fun along with you when the sun goes down.

Elbow Tag

One kid could it be, the other is chased and everybody pairs off (if you have a strange number of players, make a team of three linked arms) linking elbows. The chased person can seek safety by linking onto a set of linked kids, forcing the kid in the opposite end off the connect to be chased.

Go the Muddy Distance

When April showers pour down, dress your child (and yourself!) in old clothes, and allow her to run, jump, and climb as she dashes along a wet trail, only the way cross-country athletes do competing.

Blind Walk

Create an obstacle path in one end of the yard to the other. Fall into line the contestants and allow them to have a good look at the path. Individually, blindfold the children and have them walk the road without looking. Note each player’s time on the scoreboard.

Drag the Body

Divide the group into two teams. Give each team a blanket. Get one player from each team lie down on the blanket. The teams must drag the body around the blanket from one end of the yard towards the other. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins.

Boxstacle Course

Place cardboard boxes around your yard. Number each box, and set a note inside each with instructions for any different activity. Contestants might have to leap on the box, for instance, run in position, roar like a lion, or sprint to another station. See who can finish the entire course first!

Kill the Cockroach

Divide the players into two teams. Line them up, one out of front of the other and set an odd object in front of the first players in line. They must kick the item across the yard and the over the finish line to win a place for their team. Kick things like a pillow, empty can, a sock, and so forth.

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids

Cross Step

Draw a ten-by-ten grid around the sidewalk or patio with chalk. Have each player get up on a different square. One at a time, each player must proceed to a new square after crossing out the square she or he was formerly waiting in. The trick is that players cannot step right into a square that is occupied or crossed out. If your player cannot move to a new square, they’re out. The game continues until one player remains.