Looking for some balance in your life? Try slacklining. The following sportsxfitness article lists some benefits of this challenging sport.

Slacklining can improve your balance, posture and concentration. Some people use this sport to clear their minds and relax from work. Your core strength will improve and you may feel more focussed and flexible.

Some sports and equipment aim to develop muscles through a repetitive onesided physical exercise. However this means that non-active muscles are liable to waste away. These non-active core muscles are very important in supporting our (back and stomach) musculature.

Health Benefits of Slacklining

Health Benefits of Slacklining

What is Slacklining?

Balancing has always been an activity practiced by human beings since ancient times and in different forms. Indeed, finding your balance is not only good for your body, but is also beneficial for your mind and spirit, and Slacklining is the perfect sport for achieving that harmony.

Slacklining Benefits:

Slackline experts swear by its benefits, and do not seem enthusiastic to return to conventional methods to maintain overall health. In slacklining, the act of balancing while walking is challenging, which helps train most of the major muscle groups. Here are some more of the benefits of this sport.

Stress Buster

Slackline experts suggest that when on the days you feel tensed and stressed out; walking the slackline might just relieve you of the stress. Many even consider this sport as a very good stress buster and feel that slacklining can reduce levels of stress and keep it to a minimum.

Improves Posture and Balance

One of the physical benefits of slacklining is building and improving postural muscles. Walking on the slackline every day improves the posture and strengthens the core, which in turn, fortifies the spine and back muscles. If you have a poor core stability or poor posture, it can be corrected by practicing slacklining regularly.

Strength and Flexibility

The act of shifting your body weight to control your balance requires the use of several small muscles in your legs, feet and core. Each time you try something new on the line, you’ll use a slew of new muscles. Expect to feel sore the next day.

Deep Meditation

As your balance improves your body learns to take control letting the mind wander in ways you’ve never experienced. Deep focus and controlled breathing play a critical role in your success. If you can remain in control you’ll often find yourself in a deep form of meditation or hyper-focus. It can become extremely addicting to be meditating while floating in the air.

Strengthens the Core

Hopping on the slackline regularly can also help improve core strength. The active balancing involved in slacklining helps build stronger core muscles. No wonder, slacklining is one of the best core exercises that plays a key role to maintain proper balance and stability. So, if you are looking for simple, yet effective exercises to make your core strong, walking on the slackline daily would serve the purpose.

Improves Posture and Balance

Improves Posture and Balance

Calms the Mind

The activity simply clears your mind of all thoughts and helps quieten your ‘busy’ mind. With a walk on the slackline, you can get rid of thoughts that are constantly piercing your mind and disturbing inner peace. Slacklining is an ‘enjoyable’ way to achieve a calm state of mind.

Beautiful to Watch

With persistence you will find your flow on the line. It’s beautiful to watch the movement of an experienced Slackliner. The webbing breathes and replicates every micro-movement of the walker and the vibration of the line in wind. It forces you to become light and graceful while maintaining complete muscle control. Spectators often stop and take pictures. Not to mention all the amazing places and adventures you can experience to set up a line.