If you want to camp out with the kids, think of your weather conditions, space needs, and any special requirements before buying a tent to fit everyone.

A family tent is not only defined as one that sleeps four or more people, but it’s also a tent that is often too large to be comfortably carried or backpacked. Family tents are most often used in a campground setting or as a base camp shelter. Buying a camping tent can be an arduous job, especially considering the various things that need to fit in place. Tents nowadays come in different shapes and styles with many creative designs being made available in the market to suit the camping environment. In this article, we look at the tips to buy the perfect family camping tent. This article includes points that need to be remembered while purchasing the perfect camping tent.

What Different Designs of Tent Are Available?

Family Camping Tent Guide

Family Camping Tent Guide

There are a large number of different tent designs that are available to consumers on the modern camping equipment market, these different kinds of tents are specially designed with specific jobs in mind, so buyers should begin to get a clear idea of what functions they will need their tent to perform so that they can establish what kind of tent is going to work best for them and their family.

Dome tents:

Dome tents are tents where the poles cross over each other, giving the peak height at the centre of the tent. The layout of dome tents can vary dramatically, from a simple festival tent with two poles and one room, through to larger, more sophisticated satellite tents, with multiple bedrooms radiating from a central living area. Because the poles cross over, the tent structure tends to have more strength.

Tunnel tents:

Tunnel tents are tents where the poles run parallel to each other across the beam of the tent. These are generally easier to put up than dome tents, as a lot of the structural assembly can be done with the poles on the ground. They also tend to have head-room right the way along the length of the tent. Like dome tents, tunnel tents can range in size from simple single roomed tents through to larger tents with multiple bedrooms and living area.

Inflatable tents:

If fiddling around with tent poles sounds too much like hard work, then a tent with an air-filled structure could be the one for you. Simply inflate the inner tube style beams, and the tent takes shape.

Pop-up tents:

Popular with festival-goers, and those having to put their tents up on their own, pop-up tents take the hassle out of having to thread poles through your tent. Pop-up tents fall into two main categories. There are those with one continuous pole, where the tent springs into life straight out of the bag. These are usually smaller two or three man tents. Alternatively there are tents where the tent poles have hinged joints, which snap into place as you put the tent up. These are usually larger family camping tent.

Which Features are Useful on a Family Tent?

  • Once a family has decided on what tent design will work best for them, there are plenty of other features that have been developed to make users’ camping experiences more comfortable and enjoyable. It is worth researching these so that families can decide which of these features are of interest to them so that they can buy a tent that will suit their needs adequately.

    camping tent designs

    camping tent designs

  • Separate sleeping chambers have become increasingly common features that are integrated into family tents by designers. These are effectively private bedrooms that sleep one or more people, often connecting to a larger communal living area. There are tents on the market that have up to eight separate sleeping chambers within them which makes them an ideal feature for even the largest of families.
  • A canopy is another feature that many families find useful to have on their tent. A canopy will usually bit situated across the front entrance of a tent and will provide a reasonable amount of protection from the elements, allowing campers to sit outside in the fresh air regardless of the surrounding weather conditions. A canopy is the perfect feature for any family planning a camping trip within Britain for this reason.
  • Multiple entrances are another feature that is especially useful to campers, especially if they have large families. Multiple entrances allow people to move freely and easily in and out of the tent when camping with a large group. They are especially convenient if a camper needs to go to the toilet during the night, but does not want to wake up the rest of their family.